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Rosewood Damascus Athame
Handmade – 12” Length

Impressive size and quality workmanship come together in this beautiful double-edged dagger of genuine Damascus steel. Suitable for ritual or display, it's sure to become the most prized knife in your collection!

Listing pictures are stock photos--you will receive a very similar NEW IN BOX item! This knife is handmade and will have variations in the steel pattern, leather color, and wood handle.

Knife features a 7.5" double-edged blade and a handle carved of Indian rosewood. Includes a rustic leather sheath with a belt loop.

The swirled patterns in Damascus steel come from the way the molten metal is "folded" or mixed during the forging process.  They are unique as fingerprints--no two blades will look exactly alike!

Material: Rosewood, genuine Damascus steel, brass studs

Overall dimensions: Approx. 12 in (length)

Blade dimensions: Approx. 7.5 in (length)

Buyer is responsible for knowing and following all local laws related to knives, and for keeping knives away from children and others who could be harmed by them.

About the Athame and Boline
An athame is a ritual knife used in Wiccan and other Pagan or magickal traditions. In may be used symbolically in a ritual, or to direct energy, or both. For most, an athame is a purely magickal tool—it is never used for mundane tasks, for violence, or for cutting physical objects at all.

Nevertheless, there are some aspects of magic that require a physical knife: Cutting herbs, preparing food offerings, trimming cords and paper, and so on. Many practitioners keep a separate knife, called a boline, for these ritual tasks.

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