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Tools for Prosperity and Money Drawing

Winner Receives

Gold Chime Candle
Candle Holder with Jupiter symbol
Five Finger Grass
John the Conqueror Root
John the Conqueror Prayer sheet

Suggested use

Best day to perform the spell is a Thursday

First:  Say the John the Conqueror Prayer while holding the root

On paper write your name with dollar signs around it and sprinkle the five finger grass on the paper.  Fold it toward you.
Place that paper under or near your candle

Annoint the candle with natural oil (you can add a little cinnamon or peppermint to the oil if you wish; optional) and roll the candle in the five finger grass

Optional:  You can burn money incense and/or place some money on the altar while performing the spell or any items you consider lucky.  This is all to get you into the right state which is important

While burning your candle call in your favorite diety
Face your palms up
You should feel your palms tingle with energy
(I use mother goddess)

Meditate upon how you will use the money and how good you will feel with more prosperity while the candle burns

Never burn the full way down to the holder

You may repeat the spell weekly

Gold candles are pricey to buy a whole pack.

If you need me to list one for you to repeat the spell, just message me if I don't have one listed at the time

Always think positive and have faith that your spells will work

The more often that you do magical work the better the results!


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