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BLACK TOURMALINE -Genuine- Natural Tumbled Stone Bracelet [ABSORB NEGATIVE ENERGY]

For customers who appreciate the BEST!

All RAVENSENCHANTMENTS jewlery items have been Cleared/Cleansed/Charged with Selenite Stone and carefully hand selected for my customers!

Do not settle for stones from overseas that may not be genuine at all.



Each tumbled Grade A black tourmaline stone bracelet is one of a kind.  PLUS a selenite cube for charging your bracelet and any other stones you may own.

Winner will receive one genuine black tourmalinestone bracelet.  

Because stone is a natural element, color pattern and size can vary.  

The item you receive will closely resemble the display item pictured. This bracelet has stretchy elastic to fit most universally (best for up to a 7 inch wrist), and its beads are roughly the size of marbles in a polished finish.



BLACK TOURMALINE - Black tourmaline is highly praised for its ability to absorb negative energy. In this way, it is often charged as a protective stone to be worn or placed around the home.

When Black Tourmaline is tumbled it takes on a dark charcoal like appearance



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